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Restoring Mums

Posted 13 January 2021


Room 203 & 204, 2/F, Chuk On Building, 23 Mercer Street, Sheung Wan
+852 6707 3433

Founded in 2011, providing postpartum binding treatments for mums and ladies with the primary focus to reshape postpartum body through improving wellness from within. Our patented slimum® Treatment was designed with a mother’s postpartum needs in mind – to restore every postpartum tummy back to their pre-pregnancy state. By understanding the underlying tummy condition of each mum, we customise the treatment and work to improve the body physiology by using natural and organic ingredients and pure bodywork.

Being the pioneer in this field and having restored thousands of mums, here’s why mums choose Restoring Mums as their postpartum restoration partner:

· Effective and measurable result

· Customised treatment

· Pure bodywork – train up your own body restoration

· Natural and organic product used

· Feels-like-spa at home

· Positive comments and recommendations

For more details, contact or Whatsapp our friendly staff at +852 6707 3433 or email